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PAUL: “Hi Dave. The first question that seems to have upset most people is the addition of the Lostprophets to the bill. What was the reason
behind the choice of a nu-metal band being added to a punk bill?”
DAVE: “Ok, I think the band is good and a lot of people had been saying they where cool and my guess is their roots came out of a punk background. What’s really funny about this is the people complaining are British and they are a British band so it does seem kinda weird that people can’t just be stoked that there is a well known band from England on the bill. Also, I do think it is good to mix the music up a little, that way there will always be poppy punk, hardcore and ska bands mixed up on the bill. So at the end of the day there will always
be a band you like and most likely one you don’t like.”

PAUL: “Last year there were 3 UK dates, this year just 2. What were the reasons behind the lack of a Midlands show?”
DAVE: “London would be the reason. That’s a massive venue so I am hoping everyone will
go there.”

PAUL: “There were a lot of rumours about who was asked to headline the tour. Green Day, Blink 182, Rancid, NOFX, Sex Pistols – they were all mentioned…is there any truth in any of these, and if so, why did they each decline the invitation?”
DAVE: “Yes most of that is true. Green Day were asked and showed interest but then they planned that massive USA tour with Blink 182 so they couldn’t come till July. So it was a timing problem. Rancid, Lars messed his back up so he can’t commit for now. NOFX next year. I said from the get go that I did not want to ask for this year. Sex Pistols, yes it being the Queen’s 50th and all I thought what would be funnier than have the Sex Pistols headline Europe’s biggest punk festival. But the amount of money they asked for would have put the ticket at around £50, so no. This year was tough as far as headliners go. The problem being the above are pretty much the only headliners for a tour like this.”

PAUL: “There are still rumours that a special guest will actually headline the event, is this true, or is the line-up complete?”
DAVE: “The line up is done, there will be somthing special extra in London.”

PAUL: “This year sees the London date moving outdoors again. What was the reasoning behind this?”
DAVE: “London outdoors, well if it was 100% my choice all the shows would be outdoors.
It’s so much better for a show like this. It is an all day event and outdoors you can always escape for a while if you need to. And the London venue last year did have a lot of problems. I believe we did our job, the show was good, but the venue in London last year sucked.”

PAUL: “There has been mention of “special add-ons” for London this year. An extra stage has been rumoured. Can you tell us any more about these?”
DAVE: “Not yet.”

PAUL: “We have just heard that No Use For A Name have pulled out of the tour. Is this true and will they be replaced? If they will, who will replace them?”
DAVE: “No Use…problems again! AHHHHHHHH!!! Their record was going to be an early release for Europe since it’s not coming out till June 18. But at the last second the band decided against this since they feared it might hurt sales in the USA, so the release date is now worldwide. And therefore they decided to tour later in the year when the release is out.”

PAUL: “Which of the bands will actually headline the tour this year?”
DAVE: “DUH…….Lagwagon!”

PAUL: “Have ticket prices been announced yet, and if so, when will they go on sale?”
DAVE: “I believe they go on sale soon at £17.50 in London and £18.50 in Glasgow. I wanted it to stay at £15.00 but the costs of venues is crazy.”

PAUL: “Is there going to be another Deconstruction Tour sampler CD, as there was last year?”
DAVE: “No. I might do that next year but for now we will just bring the last one.”

PAUL: “Thanks a lot for the interview Dave. Any final words that you want to add?”
DAVE: “Well all I can say is this year has been a tough one as far as putting the bill together, but in the end I am stoked. I think it’s a great one. There is the lack of a real big name headliner, Green Day, Blink, NOFX….but it wasn’t possible. Otherwise I don’t think it could be better. I think it is in my view the best yet.”

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