P : Hi Steve – could I start off by asking you what motivated you to start Lobster records? What did you find was the hardest part in getting it up and running?

Steve: Two motivations, first when I was in junior high school I knew that I wanted to work at a record label and second was the end of Bad Neighbor, a band I managed, which left lots of open time. The hardest part is figuring out which artists are able to translate their vision into the music we want on the label. The running of the label part, contracts and royalties, manufacturing, distribution, promotion – that all takes years to figure out, we’re still learning.

P: How did you arrive upon the Lobster as your logo?

Steve: If you mean the name, we used to call each other “lobster” if you kind of messed up what you were trying to do, if you mean the “sushi” logo picture, Shawn Dewey thought of it and Brett Hammond drew it, it’s still fun after all these years.

P: After recently signing Over it, should people still be posting the ol’ demo tape in the bag to send to you or is there no room at the inn?

Steve: Send the demo! Why not?

P: What can we expect in the upcoming year from the Lobster bands in the upcoming year – will there be releases across the board?

Steve: Staring Back, Over It, Mock Orange, new signing, special compilation CD.

P: I know there are a lot of people wanting to know whether any of the bands will be touring the UK within the next couple of years, is this a possibility?

Steve: This year, in April – Over It and in May – Yellowcard!

P: What’s on the office stereo at Lobster records at the moment?

Steve: We listen to KJEE 92.9 FM a lot, the local station, Dave from Buck Wild is a DJ there and so is Steve Hoke, who has his band space next to the
Lobster office. But the office stereo, if I told you what was in there, the last person who found out didn’t talk to me for a week! I’m listening to whatever you think I should be listening to.

P: What artists or labels do you personally admire?

Steve: All the bands at our favorite labels – Fat, Epitaph, Vagrant, Hopeless, Fearless – now that I really know how difficult the work is, both as a band and as a label. I look at records now as a “record” of a band’s experience over that period of time, there is so much writing and rehearsal no one ever sees, the drive to make music is a deep one in people.

P: If you had to choose one song out of all those under your label, to listen to continuously a desert island, what would it be?

Steve: On a desert island, for sanity’s sake, Track 11 from No Signal.

P: Sum up lobster records in three words…

Steve: Highest Common Denominator

and last, but not least, the age old question –

P: McDonalds or Burger King? (and why?)

Steve: McDonalds cause it’s on the way to the office.


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