By paul

PAUL:“I know you must have been asked this question a thousand times, but why did you start up Asian Man Records?
MIKE:“Well, I guess there’s a few reasons for this, but mainly I wanted to have an outlet to put out my own music and also friends that I have met through the years who need a label.”

PAUL:“What is the hardest thing about running your own label?”
MIKE:“Just trying to stay on top of things from a business end. I hate the business aspects of running the label. I like the friendships and the satisfaction of helping new artists develop themselves. But when it becomes a chore or the bands complain about not getting enough support I get really frustrated. I want to be a small label, so I am continually trying to underscore myself from the other so called independent labels.”

PAUL: “Both Alkaline Trio and Lawrence Arms have made some kick-ass records on Asian Man. ‘Maybe I’ll Catch Fire’ is one of my all-time favourite records. But both bands have now moved to different labels. Did their descision to leave upset you and are you still friends with both bands?”
MIKE:“I encouraged both bands to move to bigger labels. I was involved in getting them to move on. So, we are definitely still best of friends. I think a lot of people don’t understand my goals. I choose to be a small label though I know I can be as big as any of the other labels, I just personally choose to stay at the level I’m at. This is comfortable for me. I can sell records and make enough to pay the bills and I’m happy. That’s most important. Remember, this label is run out of my parents garage. I don’t want to get bigger. Very simple.
It’s fun too.”

PAUL:“The ‘Plea For Peace’ compilation is amazing. Why did you choose to help the National Hopeline Network?”
MIKE:“It was an organizaiton that wanted to be involved in the tour. A lot of times it becomes a chore to find an organzation that gives a shit about a small little punk rock tour trying to lend a hand. Our monetary donation is pale in comparison to the big corporations. Of course they will take our money, but when it comes to being involved in our tour they could care less. Hopeline really was involved in every aspect, spreading the word and organizing local crisis centers to come to each city we played. And they set up speakers at each show. That’s why we chose them.”

PAUL:“How did the actual ‘Plea For Peace’ tour go? Any funny stories to tell?”
MIKE:“It was a good time by all. We just really enjoyed each others compay. The musicians and roadies totaled over 40 people, so we definitely had a great time just hanging out with each other and meeting people from diverse
backgrounds. I definitely think it was a success. I think everyday there was something funny that happened. The band that played the most pranks were CAVE IN. Crazy guys.”

PAUL:“Do you know how much money has been raised for the charity thanks to all your hard work?”
MIKE:“With the CD and tour, we’ve raised over $36,000. And it’s still growing with the cd sales.”

PAUL:“What records are you really looking forward to releasing in 2002, and are there any new bands that we should be looking out for?”
MIKE:“Every release is exciting, but most exciting is the new MU330 cd. It’s such a great record. It will be out in April and will rock the socks of of

PAUL:“Which band that you’ve signed are you most proud of and why?”
MIKE:“This is a hard question, but I’d have to go with MU330. I just think they are the hardest working band and really have never gotten the recognition they deserve. They are one of the best bands ever. And they just are so down to earth and grateful for everything they have.”

PAUL:“If you could sign any one band to Asian Man, which one would it be and why?”
MIKE:“Oh boy… I don’t know. I’ve gotten this question a lot, but it’s never an easy thing to answer. I’ll just pick the impossible band to sign. FUGAZI. WHY? Because it’s FUGAZI.”

PAUL:“Are there any plans for any of the bands to come over to the UK during 2002?”
MIKE:“Yes!!!!! LOTS of tours. LINK 80 is coming in January of 2002. THE CHINKEES (My band) and POTSHOT are coming together in April of 2002. You can see all the tour dates at

PAUL:“Are you planning to release another solo record this year? [Or tour the UK?]”
MIKE:“I will definitely release a solo record this year. I don’t know about a UK tour, but an album for sure.”

PAUL:“What are your favourite three records of all time?”
MIKE:“IMPOSSIBLE question to answer. To name a few bands: Operation Ivy, Bad Brains, Madness, Devo, and many more.”

PAUL:“How have the events of September 11 effected you and the label?”
MIKE:“I don’t think it has. Being such a small label, we can’t really see a dropoff compared to big business. I think we’ve maintaned sales consistantly.”

PAUL:“Finally, if you could be granted three wishes what would they be and why?”
MIKE:“Peace, peace, peace.”

In my very humble opinion, Asian Man have released some amazing punk rock albums by some amazing punk rock bands. You’d be a fool not to check them out.

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