Tim Barry, AW, Roger Harvey @ The Casbah, San Diego

Many bands and musicians go through changes during the course of their careers. Perhaps none more so than Tim Barry. As a member of Richmond, Virginia punk band Avail, Barry released several melodic punk records in the 1990s and early 2000s. Beginning in 2004, Barry embarked on a solo career, playing some of the best Americana music being made today. Using his acoustic guitar and prodigious voice, Barry weaves stories of love gone bad, sticking up for one’s family, no matter the cost, trying to get by in life doing awful jobs, and evoking a variety of emotions. Tim Barry came to San Diego’s Casbah, touring to promote his latest full-length LP, ‘High On 95.’ Joining him were Los Angeles’ AW (Allison Weiss) and Philadelphia’s Roger Harvey, both playing emotive solo sets.

By Paul Silver