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Marking the end of their short stint around the UK, melody driven rockers Canterbury are about to grace the stage in front of a sell-out audience at Camden’s Dingwalls. With the release of their third full-length garnering critical acclaim, those patiently waiting in the snaking queue across the docks are seemingly buzzing with excitement.

Although warming up the crowd is by no means necessary in the sweltering venue, Big Sixes are tasked with doing just that. Their alternatively infused folk-rock hints at Deaf Havana, but with a more subtle approach to their song-writing. Vocally strong, and with some immediately catchy tunes to boot, the lack of any substantial stage presence can be excused. Their contradicting dual vocals give the sound a unique edge, underpinned by an acoustic air despite being plugged in.

As Blitz Kids solemnly walk onto the stage and announce the theft of some of their vital equipment, frontman Joey James appears defeated, reluctantly promising three acoustic songs to the expectant crowd. With drummer Matt Freer relegated for the evening, and James’ vocals on full display, this proves to be Blitz Kids at their most exposed.

In some senses it works – it’s impossible to deny the hook laden choruses when they are being shouted back at the band at full volume, and the impromptu handclaps and passionate sing-alongs are genuinely uplifting (Jono Yates finding it impossible to hide his delight). Yet it also highlights the band’s faults – James’ vocals take on a particularly nasal tone and miss significant notes in set closer ‘Never Die’ – a track that undoubtedly benefits from a full accompaniment. Blitz Kids have been pushing at the melodic mainstream for a while, but there are certainly some creases that need to be ironed out before they will get there.

Canterbury, on the other hand, have done their laundry – creases and blemishes never even come into play. Instead, they prove once again that they are one of the tightest, promising and most exciting bands on the British circuit. Their tracks are abundant with genre influences, ranging from blues to rock and roll, all the while magnified by their ability to write a damn good melody.

Predominantly playing songs from ‘Heavy In The Day’ and the most recent ‘Dark Days’, it’s immediately evident that their song-writing has been geared towards a live setting. ‘Expensive Imitation’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Run from a Gun’ not only sound huge blasting from the stage, but they showcase frontman Mike Sparks’ remarkable vocal ability. He never fails to hit a note in his distinctively pitched and ever-powerful style.

Most impressive is the band’s ability to keep up momentum, even throughout more downbeat inclusions ‘Garden Grows’ and the ‘Heavy In The Day’ title-track. Completely owning the stage throughout, the warm conditions magnified by the sheer number of moving bodies do little to diminish the band’s energy. From the opening notes to the final reverb, Canterbury are simply on fire.

Other than some over-cautious comments from Sparks, tonight showcases a British band at their best. Three albums in, Canterbury are displaying enough force and momentum to captivate audiences in bigger venues and on bigger stages. Their distinctive edge, excellent material and high-energy performance is miles ahead of any other melodic rock band pushing into the mainstream, and with any luck (and a more than a little deserved justice), this will get them noticed.


Slam Dunk 2014 reveals initial line up, including The All American Rejects, Canterbury, letlive and more Wed, 12 Feb 2014 10:08:12 +0000 Slam Dunk 2014 have revealed their initial line up for 2014. The festival had previously announced that they’ll be returning for a three day stint this May, stopping in Leeds, Hatfield and Wolverhampton.

On the first announcement is…
The All American Rejects
Bury Tomorrow
The Ghost Inside
The Devil Wears Prada
I Killed The Prom Queen
Crown The Empire
I Am The Avalanche
Real Friends
Neck Deep

Tickets go on sale this Friday.

24 LEEDS Slam Dunk North
25 HATFIELD Slam Dunk South
26 SLAM DUNK Midlands


Canterbury announce UK tour, post new video online Thu, 16 Jan 2014 10:10:32 +0000 TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT!

Canterbury have announced a Uk tour for April 2014, playing up and down the country on the “first short leg of UK dates this year”.

The band are out in support of their new album ‘Dark Days’ (review here), and have also released a new music video for ‘Think It Over’ to go with the announcement. Check out the video and the dates in this article, and expect Punktastic Sessions from the band rather soon!

01 EDINBURGH Studio 24
02 YORK Duchess
03 MANCHESTER Deaf Institute
04 SHEFFIELD Leadmill
07 BRSTIL Louisiana
09 LONDON Dingwalls

INTERVIEW: Canterbury [January 2014] Wed, 08 Jan 2014 17:54:34 +0000

Canterbury are just about to release their brand new third album Dark Days via Hassle Records; an LP that has been fan-funded with a Pledge Music project. Having first announced the project back in April 2013, Canterbury received nearly 800 pledges from fans for the album, as well as offering pledgers special rewards like the signed drum skins used to record Dark Days and a guitar lesson from Mike Sparks himself. The band have previously said how they’ve been “blown away by the amount of support we have been shown towards [the new album]” and as they start 2014 with a new record label and a new record, Punktastic caught up with the band to find out about the experience of making Dark Days and if the number 13 can be lucky for some.

Hi Canterbury. Congratulations on working with Hassle Records – who are your favourite new label mates?

We have been good friends of the We Are The Ocean boys for years now, our first ever real tour was with those guys back in 2008. Super guys, great hard working band.

Because ‘Dark Days’ has been fan-funded through Pledge Music, did you feel an added layer of pressure when writing/recording?

I don’t think pressure is the right word for what we felt. As a group we are confident of our abilities, and writing and recording is an absolute pleasure, it’s what we all live for. However, I think with the fan-funded mentality just comes with more obligation for the record to see the light of day. Suddenly it’s not just us funding it ourselves for our own release, people have literally given us the money to do it this time round which is really quite touching, and we are over the moon to have been able to record another album.

Did you come up with any pledger rewards for the fan-funding project that were just too ridiculous/impractical to offer?

We thought for a while that it might be kind of cool to offer people the chance to come and play a song on stage with us, on their instrument of choice, but it turned out the logistics of it, and the size of tour we were doing just made it impossible to sort out. Maybe something we could do in the future though!

What are you most proud of, musically speaking, on the new album?

I think the composition of every song is just much more honed and slick that anything we’ve done before. We’ve taken things that in the past were perhaps experiments, and made them into just techniques that shape our sound now. Musically we are all more competent now as well.

What are the most significant experiences or emotions that have influenced Dark Days?

There are songs of love, and friendship, there are also songs about the trials, lows, and highs of living the life that we do, in a band at the level we are at. Out of our three albums, it is the most time concentrated, these songs were all written in a similar time frame, so have more of a running theme, as opposed to say ‘Heavy In The Day’ which was written over several years.

How have you challenged yourselves with this record?

The song writing is stronger, we never settled for anything we weren’t entirely happy with, and with 3 song writers in the band, that can be a challenge in itself, but it always ends up for the better. We really wanted this record to mean something, which it certainly does to us, and we hope it will to others too.

For any brand new fans: what song from your previous LPs should they listen to before checking out Dark Days?

Check out ‘Friends? We’re More Like A Gang’ from our debut ‘Thank You’ and have a listen to ‘Something Better’, ‘Saviour’ and ‘Garden Grows’ from ‘Heavy In The Day’; that should give you a nice all round taster of what we are all about.

Your album comes out on 13th Jan 2014 – is the number 13 lucky or unlucky for you?

Neither to be honest! Although mine and James’s first band back when we were 14 was called Lucky For Some, and we are hoping the channel the energy from those early days into the release of this next record!

The new album Dark Days by Canterbury comes out on 13th January. See what we thought of the album here.


Canterbury post new song, ‘Satellite’ online with DIY Thu, 29 Aug 2013 10:13:47 +0000 Canterbury have posted a new song, ‘Satellite’, online. It’s taken from the band’s forthcoming ‘Satellite’ EP, which is out next month on Hassle.

You can listen to it using the player in this article over at DIY, and preorder the album from

Scott Peters waves goodbye to Canterbury Mon, 08 Jul 2013 17:31:34 +0000

Canterbury have confirmed that Scott Peters left the band shortly after their recent headline tour. He had the following to say:

“After a lot of thought I’ve decided to put down my sticks. Being part of Canterbury has created many of the fondest memories of my life to date and I’ve had so much fun doing things I never even thought I’d have the opportunity to do. However, it’s come to a head, where a combination of a lack of passion on my part for the sometimes extensive touring / recording aspect of being in a band, alongside the financial strains from being in a band where you’re having to balance two jobs for it to work, have simply become too much for me to handle. There’s so much of it I will miss, but it’s just not for me anymore. Thanks to anyone who has worked for and with us and to all the great bands that have taken us on tour with them!

I can’t wait to hear the completion of album 3, it’s well on track to being the best of Canterbury yet!”

The band will continue working on album number three with All Forgotten drummer Chris Velissarides behind the kit.

Canterbury have implied the split was amicable, wishing Scott all the best in the future.

Canterbury announce UK/EU April dates Wed, 16 Jan 2013 09:38:33 +0000 Canterbury have announced a string of UK/EU dates for this April.

It supports the band’s sophomore album, and you can check out the dates in full below. Tickets go on sale Friday.

03 HAMBURG Molotow
04 BERLIN Magnet
05 DRESDEN Beatpol
05 MUNSTER Gleiss 22
07 COLOGNE Luxor
09 FRANKFURT Nachtleben
10 STUTTGART Universum
11 MUNICH Strum
14 VIENNA Arena 3 Raum Bar
15 ZURICH Hafenkniepe
19 BOURNEMOUTH Sound Circus
23 LONDON Garage
24 BIRMINGHAM Temple @ The Institute
25 MANCHESTER Deaf Insitute
26 NEWCASTLE Academy 2

LIVE: Canterbury at Tunbridge Wells Forum [14/12/12] Sun, 23 Dec 2012 20:48:50 +0000 As Canterbury proclaim that tonight is formed of two British bands supporting another British band, and that tonight is set to prove that British rock music is not dead (arguably we are unsure who might have suggested this in the first place), they manage to put a lot of weight on their shoulders. Bookending the year with two tours actively showcasing talent across the island – January saw them take The Xcerts and Straight Lines on the road, while their current tour welcomes Mallory Knox and Scholars – there is a clear determination to prove themselves, and indeed to carry the flag for (dare I say it again) British music.

It might be difficult to explain, but there is an undeniable difference between home-grown bands and ones from further afield. Musical styles may differ between the two, however in this case each band is distinctly British; nowhere else in the world produces the type of melodic rock on display tonight in the recently refurbished Forum.

More importantly the reception differs – evident in the screams that await Mallory Knox frontman Mikey Chapman in particular as he takes to the stage. This band belongs to the crowd; they have been nurtured by fans and equally play back to their audiences. The new material sounds positively explosive next to the comparatively pedestrian material from the Pilot EP – the band equally taken aback by the response from audiences to both sets of material. This response is entirely justified as Chapman owns the stage with support from the remaining band members. 2013 can only mean big things for Mallory Knox as both their music and presence expand dramatically. As Punktastic ventures across the room somebody mentions to their friend that these guys will be playing stadiums before too long, and this reviewer wholeheartedly agrees.

It’s an accolade that Scholars are still fighting for but the effort the band put in has to be commended. Led by the frontman (Sam Nicholls) perhaps more than Mallory Knox due to a subdued ensemble, the band deliver polished flamboyancy throughout their opening set. Musical progression from older material to the likes of ‘Blinda Data’ and ‘Bad For Business’ is evident, yet they still have not quite found their stride. Efforts by Nicholls to liven up activity with frequent forays into the crowd are admirable but only offer some distraction from a set without any real highlights and an accompanying band that appear less than enthusiastic. There is promise on display, but still an uphill struggle to join the likes of their touring partners anytime soon.

Canterbury may appreciate this struggle more once this tour is over (tonight being the penultimate date on their thirteen date tour). Even belter ‘Something Better’ battles against the wake left by the preceding band – with frontman (of sorts) Mike Sparks offering an understated “hello” before leaping into the track. It is not the performance that is struggling, nor is it the track; Mallory Knox by all accounts produced a headline-worthy show and Canterbury have subsequently ended up feeling like something of an afterthought. There is not much left for them to do but give it their all, and by the time ‘More Than Know’ engulfs the venue all initial apprehension has dissipated.

Flying through thirteen tracks from both albums, ‘Heavy in the Day’ material deservedly proves the favourite. Placed against tracks from ‘Thank You’, the complexity and artistic skill of the newer songs are further exaggerated. This does not have a negative effect on older material which still retains the vibrancy that pushed Canterbury into the limelight some years back, however the maturity and elegance of tracks such as ‘Heavy in the Day’ and ‘She’s A Flame’ and the considered energy of ‘Saviour’ and ‘Gloria’ shine through.

If tonight is aimed to show the survival instinct of British rock it has not only met, but shattered the walls of expectation. Based on these performances it is highly unlikely that these bands will be sharing stages in small venues at any point in the future. Whether the weight on their shoulders is deliberate or a by-product of misguided cynicism is proved altogether irrelevant – what matters is the clear ability by Mallory Knox and Canterbury to take the world by storm, with Scholars not too far behind.


Canterbury announce new single and album Wed, 25 Apr 2012 12:27:47 +0000 Canterbury have announced that they will release new album ‘Heavy In The Day’ on 9th July 2012, with a single ‘Saviour’ being released on 25th June.

The band said the following about the release:
“We are so excited to announce the release of our second album ‘Heavy In The Day’. The album took a while to complete but we’ve come away with something we are so proud of. We definitely pushed ourselves more than ever on this record to make some of our most interesting and different material, we’ve all grown up alot and we think that comes out in the music and especially the lyrics, the songs are more personal this time round but are still about things every single person out there can relate to. The melodies are catchier, harmonies are sweeter and the heavy is heavier.

After seeing how well received our debut was, and still is received, we can take confidence in the fact that in this day and age, in this modern musical climate, there is barely a reason why it is not possible to control, and release your own music, off your own back. For that reason we take real pride in the fact there is nobody, and no thing, standing in between our music, and our fans. It’s a very exciting time for music, and especially home grown British music, and we feel privileged to be in the position where we can release this new album to the world ourselves.”

01. Heavy In The Day
02. Something Better
03. More Than Know
04. Gloria
05. Ready Yet?
06. Calm Down
07. Wrapped In Rainbows
08. She’s A Flame
09. Saviour
10. Drive Ride Drive
11. Garden Grows
12. Seen It All

Forthcoming dates:
26th May Slam Dunk North
27th May Slam Dunk South
19th July- The Barfly, London (Record release show)
3rd August- Y Not Festival, Matlock

Canterbury Sun, 27 Nov 2011 18:02:17 +0000 Before they supported THE BLACKOUT at Camden’s Roundhouse, Punktastic got Canterbury backed against a brick wall in the recesses of the legendary circular venue and had a chat about their new album.

More from the band at

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