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From Sunday 18 August 2019

LIVE: Bloodstock Open Air 2019 – Saturday

Saturday, in festival land, is ‘the big one’. The day that sees weekend crowds nicely warmed up, but not quite so hungover they can no longer function (hi, Sunday), and day ticket crowds appear in droves; not unconnected, it’s also usually where you’ll find some of the most broadly

Friday 09 August 2019

2000Trees Festival – Friday

Thursday 08 August 2019

LIVE: 2000trees Festival 2019 – Friday

2000trees is advertised as being a ‘medium’ sized festival, but while medium can suggest mediocrity be misconstrued as ‘average’, nothing about the scorching weekend feels mediocre. With alternative fans from all of the country coming together to celebrate our special scene, 2000trees pens itself as one of the best

Tuesday 06 August 2019

Bloodstock 2019 Festival Preview

It’s almost time for a festival that’s not only one of the very best medium-sized festivals in the UK, but also the best weekend dedicated to all things metal. Showcasing a wide range of artists, from the darkest and heaviest of black and doom, to the most uplifting of

Monday 10 June 2019

Slam Dunk Festival 2019 – Hatfield

LIVE: Slam Dunk Festival 2019

Slam Dunk continues to be our favourite way to kick off festival season, providing the perfect opportunity for pop-punk/rock/alternative fans to surround themselves with like minded individuals, dressed head to toe in our very own version of festival clothing. Once again, fans find themselves happily floating in a sea

Friday 01 February 2019

LIVE: Cancer Bats @ Rebellion, Manchester

The UK is in the icy chokehold of Old Man Winter as the streets of Manchester are engulfed in a slight dusting of snow, and there’s a light drizzle in the air. The winter weather is causing chaos across the country with trains cancelled, schools closed, roads

Monday 14 January 2019

Slam Dunk Festival Impericon Stage line-up revealed

Slam Dunk Festival has revealed the line-up of its Impericon Stage. The previously announced Glassjaw will top the bill while the latest additions of The Bronx, Cancer Bats and Angel Du$t will perform alongside Gallows, Turnstile and Knocked Loose. The organisers confirmed that it is the first of two heavy stages

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Top 25 Albums of the Year

Tuesday 13 November 2018

LIVE: Anti-Flag / Cancer Bats @ Academy 2, Manchester

Navigating Manchester on a Friday night is one of the most hellish things you can imagine, as drunk students and office workers clog the streets and everyone tries to drive around the city like the layout makes any sort of sense whatsoever. Unfortunately this combination of traffic issues and