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From Friday 18 October 2019

White Reaper – ‘You Deserve Love’

As we enter the depths of winter, there is a certain beauty about an album with the vibrant feel of a summer soundtrack. When the nights begin to draw in and the sunny days feel few and far between, White Reaper are on hand to provide a

Friday 04 October 2019

The Menzingers – ‘Hello Exile’

“What kind of monsters did our parents vote for?”, Greg Barnett asks, moments into The Menzingers’ latest edition of punching you right in the feels. Settle in, because the Philadelphia four-piece are going to once again effortlessly capture the zeitgeist at which their audience is currently scratching

Monday 30 September 2019

LIVE: Petrol Girls / Jake & The Jellyfish @ Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

In a darkened basement, under the gaze of a stitched together flag bearing the words “no love for a nation”, Petrol Girls are calling for the start of a revolution. It is a call for a better world where people are allowed to live their lives free

Wednesday 18 September 2019

blink-182 – ‘Nine’

There was almighty curiosity when Matt Skiba became blink-182’s long-term replacement for Tom DeLonge in the spring of 2015. The decision looked to be a masterstroke. The handful of early shows saw a band rediscovering its mojo, as baseball-capped, basketball shirt-donning Skiba brought the energy and fun

Friday 13 September 2019

LIVE: Off With Their Heads @ Rebellion, Manchester

Off With Their Heads aren’t an uplifting band. They are not the kind of band you’re going to invite to play at your wedding. A lot of their songs can be exceptionally hard listens as vocalist Ryan Young lays out all the cards of his crippling anxiety,

Tiger Army – ‘Retrofuture’

Nick 13 paints a picture of America we all like to imagine. An expansive country of top-down Cadillacs, motels with flashing neon signs, and promises of ‘HBO TV’. Milkshakes in late-night diners, steak dinners, and women in polka dot dresses and Bettie Page hair. It seems

Friday 06 September 2019

Cassels – ‘The Perfect Ending’

The world is fucked.  Every time you turn on the news, there are reports of the human race finding a new way to destroy the very place they call home. The Amazon rainforest is on fire, the ice caps are rapidly disappearing, tourists are shooting animals

LIVE: Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers / Frank Iero and the Future Violents @ Academy 2, Manchester

It’s battle of the longest band names in punk this evening, as Laura Jane Grace and Frank Iero bring their latest solo ventures to Manchester. It’s a powerhouse of a co-headline show with the pair both releasing impressive records in the past 18 months. The

Thursday 05 September 2019

LIVE: The Spook School / Leggy @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Tonight, The Spook School are going to space. They are set to leave this suffocating world and begin a new life on the moon. They’re armed with a mission to become the first band to play a Fleetwood Mac cover while traversing the desolate lunar landscape.

Tuesday 20 August 2019

The Menzingers say goodbye to the America they knew

It is not often you find a common ground between The Menzingers and German industrial metal pioneers Rammstein. However, the pair now echo the sentiments of struggling to love their homeland. The Pennsylvania punks often paint an idealistic portrait of the Americana they know, full of