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From Friday 06 April 2018

LIVE: Milk Teeth @ The Underworld, London

There‚Äôs been a special kind of excitement around Milk Teeth‚Äôs sold out headline show at the Underworld. A band that has toured relentlessly since the release of their 2016 debut ‚ÄėVile Child‚Äô and deservedly carved a reputation for iconically explosive live shows – to see their name finally hang

Friday 16 March 2018

LIVE: Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather @ KOKO, London

Brian Fallon has been cutting a new path since the hiatus of his beloved vehicle The Gaslight Anthem. If his former celebrated the ballsy blue-collar rock and roll Fallon grew up on in New Jersey, his recent delve into something more fragile and soulful has offered a more heartfelt

Monday 16 October 2017

Five The Hierophant’s dark, sludgey psych is terrifyingly good

‘Queen Over Plegethon’ from London psychedelic metal newcomers Five The Hierophant hits way over the eight minute mark, but refuses to let up for even a second.¬†The entire track is an instrumental sludge assault, bulging with ambient guitars that pierce some kind of eerie brass section backdrop. With some funk

Friday 15 September 2017

‘Appointments’ is subtle, poignant and beautiful. What else did you expect from Julien Baker?

‘Appointments’, from Julien Baker’s highly antipipated second album ‘Turn Out The Lights’, is an extremely sad and poignant record. There’s such an openness and subtlety to the lyrics that the words feel like they were invented to be sung over a softly strummed electric guitar and piano. After the brilliance

Monday 12 June 2017

Let Pale Lungs take you on a melodic journey of transition with ‘Sanctuaries’

‘Strawberry’, Pale Lungs’ latest EP is as driving and ambient as it is harshly¬†melancholy. Each track offers a range of¬†musically diverse¬†layers that drift¬†through themes of change and growth. Opening song ‘Sanctuaries’ bulges with heaviness, but manages to be both sparse and perfectly soft and melodic in all the right places. Released¬†last

Friday 09 June 2017

Mount Eerie’s light and dark makes for the most unfortunate of masterpieces

Death and loss are a part of all of our lives; often they are themes that lie at the heart of the art we create or consume.¬†In¬†Phil Everum’s case, they form the basis for the most heartfelt, unfortunate turns of genius. Written in the wake of the death of his

football, etc. – Corner

Almost a decade on from¬†their¬†debut EP ‘First Down’ – a razor sharp love letter to the emo genre – ‘Corner’ finds Football, Etc doing exactly¬†as¬†they always have, softly¬†raging through the imperfections and anxieties of everyday life. You’d be hard pushed to find a band who do it better though. The

Wednesday 07 June 2017

“It’s okay to be a virgin” – Dancehall get catchier and more relevant in latest video

Times are bleak, and records seem to get more drawn out and increasingly impossible¬†to relate to with every year that passes. The same cannot be said for Dancehall. Singer Timothy V’s proclamation of chemical imbalances and oceans swallowing entire towns on latest track ‘Virgin’ offer refreshing insight to the psyche

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Smidley – ‘Smidley’

Conor Murphy is most¬†known for the crucial sadness of his work with Foxing. Tackling this effort alone and under a separate name, ‘Smidley’ finds him branching out into unknown waters. Densely layered and dreamier than anything that’s come before, the result is a refreshingly experimental record that’s hard at

Thursday 11 May 2017

LIVE: Elvis Depressedly / TV Girl @ Kamio, Shoreditch

Elvis Depressedly was born somewhere on the misty mountains of Western North Carolina. Inspired by the modest, southern upbringings of Mathew Lee Cochran and Delaney Mills that were stooped in old-time superstition and religion, the duo are now two sublimely lo-fi records deep into their alliance with Run For Cover. Last year saw an extended re-release of