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From Monday 11 May 2020

Hayley Williams – ‘Petals For Armor’

Far from the mania of 2000s pop-punk and from the pastel pastiches of ‘After Laughter’, ‘Petals For Armor’ recounts tragedy and travesty. The debut solo release from Paramore front woman Hayley Williams has been long anticipated – perhaps no more so than by Williams herself, who after

Wednesday 08 April 2020

Wolfheart – ‘Wolves Of Karelia’

Metal: it’s the bread and butter of an entire region’s heavy music scene and, like pop music, can often find itself a rather bloated genre. It’s a style stacked with talent, but equally flooded with bands that seek to reinvent the wheel, only to end up retelling

Friday 03 April 2020

tētēma – ‘Necroscape’

Mike Patton doesn’t seem to know what a day off is. Between a Mr. Bungle revival, his work with three separate supergroups, his own solo work and more, the Faith No More vocalist seems to be running out of fingers to stick in pies. Patton still isn’t

Friday 27 March 2020

Birthmarks – ‘…And Then the Rain Stopped’

There’s something to be said for a good genre fusion between rock and electronic, though neither side will be the first to admit it (until someone figures out how to create the perfect death metal-techno album, the eternal war between metalheads and ravers will continue). Some of

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Code Orange – ‘Underneath’

It ain’t easy being Orange. The Pittsburgh group have been making waves for a while now, undergoing a rebranding and coming out with the classic ‘I Am King’ LP, but it was with 2017’s ‘Forever’ – widely lauded as a hallmark of heavy music that refused to

Circa Waves – ‘Sad Happy’

Circa Waves’ brand of riff-heavy indie rock has made them one of the standouts of the genre for some time now, yet they’re always pushing boundaries. The sartorial scousers made their full length debut about five years ago, and since then have continued to branch outwards. It’s

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Four Stars – ‘Headspace’

As the second EP by Chicago pop-punk trio Four Stars – formerly known as Tougher Than You Thought – ‘Headspace’ isn’t just a brave attempt at overcoming the “sophomore slump”. It’s an attempt at returning a genre that has found itself rapidly evolving – incorporating the kind

Tuesday 25 February 2020

VASA – ‘Heroics’

From a thundering opening in ‘Childhood’ to a bombastic closing in ‘Settle’, VASA know exactly what they want to achieve with their second album. The Scottish post-rock outfit burst onto the scene with a widely well-received debut that, while a bit safe, slotted itself into the genre

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Kvelertak – ‘Splid’

The lines between genres tend to blur the deeper you get into metal. The desire of fans to somewhat incessantly categorise and organise their favourites doesn’t complement the style’s relatively freeform nature (i.e. get mad and get loud, but beyond that it’s up to you). So for Norwegian band

Thursday 06 February 2020

Nova Charisma – ‘Exposition II’ EP

Sergio Medina and Donovan Melero are not unknown faces in the business. With Medina serving as guitarist in the post-hardcore Stolas, Melero fronting the equally hard Hail The Sun, and both serving time in prog-rock supergroup Sianvar, the duo’s signature sound and vocals are plastered all over