Working Men’s Club – ‘Premium Champion’

By Liam Knowles

‘Premium Champion’ is short, sharp, and to the point, so it seems only fair that this review reflects that. In six panic-inducing minutes, loud London bastards Working Men’s Club manage to blend hardcore, thrash and crusty d-beat, whilst still managing to keep their erratic sound coherent and effective.

From the first second of ‘Fealty’s Dreams’ to the closing pick-scrape of ‘Yeah Anthem (Anthem Of Yeah)’ the listener is essentially forced into a blender full of riffs, harsh noise and movie samples and gradually purified into a smooth paste, leaving only enough humanity to hit play again and go back for another round. If you love punching yourself in the side of the head because you don’t know how else to process what you’re hearing, then this is the release for you.


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