Together We Fight – ‘Get A New Hero’

By Clara Cullen

Is there really enough room in an already crammed music genre for another pop punk band? Together We Fight prove there is. Step aside Americans, these boys from Kent sure know how to write a song. Blending Four Year Strong style ferocity with the rough and ready sound of Set Your Goals, there’s very little not to love on their latest EP, ‘Get A New Hero’.

Labelling themselves as a pop punk band, one can’t help but think there’s a little more to them than the average copycat group of the genre. Title track ‘Get A New Hero’ starts off with a far rockier intro than you’d imagine, and a breakdown of heavy guitars and thrashing cymbals, before vocalists Dale Stevens and Mickey Lacey share singing and screaming duties.

‘I Used To Play Bill Sykes (On The West End)’ reverts back to the traditional pop punk style, as speedy drums drive the verse to an energetic chorus, powering through the three minutes of frenzied instrumentation and ending with group vocals. They had to feature at least once and there’s no doubt the band’s loyal fan base on the live circuit of the South East enjoy singing along to them.

If you’re into a more abrasive style of punk, you’ll love ‘Smasher Jackson’.  Claiming the catchiest chorus of the EP as its own, the track makes a nod to the hardcore scene, with unpolished, screaming vocals. Musically, however, every track sounds tight and well-thought out.

Final song ‘Le Chat’ takes the best parts of its predecessors and throws them together in a solid attempt at pop-punk craftsmanship and having two vocalists adds to the sense of camaraderie that this sort of music tends to create. Considering how little-known the band currently are, they’ve certainly upped the ante with their aurally-exciting punk-influenced record.

After a quick break and a line-up change, fans of the band were worried they were never coming back. Thankfully, the Kent five-some are back with an EP that will please the old fans and probably entice some new ones. It’s free as well, so what have you got to lose?


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