The Run Up – ‘Good Friends, Bad Luck’

By Kelly Ronaldson

Since their formation in 2014, Bristol punk rockers The Run Up have become one of the most hard working bands on the scene, carving out their reputation for impressive, energetic live shows and gradually developing their signature sound. While last year saw the release of their self-titled debut album, their latest five-track release, ‘Good Friends, Bad Luck’, portrays a mature and refined sound by contrast, telling stories of cherished friendships and inner truths, while the band try to “make the best out of bad situations”.

‘Good Friends, Bad Luck’ opens with a short melodic introduction under the same name, leading effortlessly into first single ‘The Upside of Being Down’. The track’s chanted vocals, warm lyrical themes and infectious guitar riffs embody the feeling of togetherness – a concept solidified by the band when they effortlessly side-step any cheesiness and close out the song with the authentic, heartfelt lines, “I owe you so much for what’s become my life” and “You showed me anything was possible.”

‘Captain’ takes the form of a typical pop punk anthem, but provides us with a perfect indication as to what we can expect from The Run Up’s live shows, packing it tight with memorable hooks and quick-pounding beats, before ‘Eternal Ghosts’ pulls at the heartstrings. The song’s emotional undertones fit brilliantly as vocalist Larry Bernard details the highs and lows of life in a punk band, while the track’s quick melodies work to maintain the upbeat nature of the record as a whole.

‘Keep Going’ closes the EP, leaving us with positive messages and utilizing the emotional guitar work of Charlie Parsons and Laurence Nelson, while the band’s group vocals echo the overarching concept of togetherness. There’s an element of confidence fuelling this record, and the band provide undeniable evidence that having close friends around can make even the worst situations seem bearable.

Ultimately, The Run Up have found their direction, and only good things can come from that. ‘Good Friends, Bad Luck’ is out September 28th via Real Ghost Records.


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