Sylar – ‘Seasons’

By Dave Stewart

Some will tell you that nu-metal has had its day. They’ll tell you that it’s greatest moments have already happened. That the only bands still doing it well were those involved in the original movement. Others will tell you it’s creeping its way back in, with many rising artists stripping core elements from it and applying them to their own formulas. One listen to the newest offering from Sylar will convince you that the latter is the truest statement. Their new record ‘Seasons’ is firmly rooted in metalcore, but finds itself tipping its cap to nu-metal throughout. Based on the strength of the album, nu-metal would tip its cap in return.

Right from the first note, the nu-metal infuence is immediately audible. Opener and title track ‘Seasons’ hits with a familiar punch, with riffs swinging like a wrecking ball and a huge chorus to soften the blow. ‘SHOOK!’ is full of bounce, from the hip-hop verses of frontman Jayden Panesso to the infectious guitar work of Miguel Cardona and Dustin Jennings. One of the heavier tracks on the record, ‘Same Dance’, is a huge nod to Korn. It boasts haunting sound effects and mammoth riffs, both of which the nu-metal giants would be proud of.

There is so much more to this album than the nu-metal vibes, though. There isn’t a dull moment here, and that’s down to the musicianship and songwriting on display. ‘Giving Up’ is a slice of metalcore brilliance, flaunting the records best chorus and showing off Jennings’ vocal range as well as his guitar skills. ‘No Way’ and ‘Open Wounds’ are both radio friendly giants. ‘All Or Nothing’ is a bouncy behemoth with the ability to fire up any crowd in earshot. Album closer ‘Doubt Me’ is the closest thing to a ballad on the record, flitting between soothing verses and killer choruses like child’s play. There is no filler whatsoever. Every single track is golden.

This is an album crammed full of energy and excitement. Sylar have used every weapon at their disposal to create an arsenal of heavy hitting music. They’re reigniting the rap rock spark that some believe has died out, making it more accessible to a new generation of fans. ‘Seasons’ isn’t just a step up for the band – it’s a bar setter for everyone else in their genre. Keep your eye out for that spark, because it isn’t going to be a spark for much longer.

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