Orestea – ‘Elements’

By Emma Greveson

British rock band Orestea are exploring their musical style with their new self-written, produced and recorded album ‘Elements’. Opening track ‘Welcome to Surviville’ begins with electronic drums and synthesizers, layered with lyrics that have been chopped and edited to add to the rhythmic elements of this introduction.

It doesn’t take long for the riffs and drums to be introduced for a heavier transition between the electronic introduction and the first verse. The melody lines in the vocals are incredibly memorable and the lyrics are easy to follow throughout the track. On closer listening, there are so many more elements to the song that you wouldn’t notice on first listen, such as the claps and the complicated piano riff in the bridge that lie beneath the guitars and drums. It’s a great example of what’s to come.

‘Get Away’ is a contrast to the other tracks on the album with its held back, slowed-down vibe, glistening guitars and emotional vocals. The drums are programmed electronically yet it works just like it does in the rest of the album. There is use of synthesised strings in this track which again, at first you don’t realise; they are so subtle yet they add an extra layer to the instrumentation that without perhaps, the track would feel empty.

It is clear that there has been a lot of focus on music production in this album, and Orestea have managed to produce something tasteful and in style, resulting in a refreshing take on modern rock music. Not forgetting that Avon’s vocals are flawless and gush emotion from track to track, Orestea bring something extraordinary to the music industry with the mixture of electronics with rock music.


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