Muttering – ‘Don’t Think About It’

By Gem Rogers

“Songs For The End Of The World”. These are the first words you’re likely to read about London trio Muttering, should you happen to look them up online, so it seems only fitting that we continue the trend as we dive into their debut EP, ‘Don’t Think About It’. Coming just a couple of months after the release of lead single ‘Swim’, 2021 seems a pretty fitting year to be releasing music for the end of the world (and, we guess, that’s sort of the point).

Despite a fairly sombre premise, as ‘Swim’ opens the EP, there’s a liveliness that cuts through the despair and brings to mind the music of bands like Hundred Reasons and Fatherson. It’s a strong introduction to the world of Muttering, enticing listeners in to a fifteen minute ride that, despite its short play time, is still crammed with expression and variety.

‘Beyond Belief’ and brooding instrumental track ‘Disquiet’ slow the pace down, while retaining a feeling of urgency that bubbles under the surface; at any moment, it feels as though Muttering could explode into chaos. It’s a feeling complimented by Chaz Bush’s vocal style, his soothing and restrained tones occasionally bursting like fireworks with a captivating ease atop warm and rough-edged instrumentation.

It’s not long before ‘Disquiet’ turns into the more experimental, frantic sound of ‘Good Luck’ as it asks, “Who would you follow to the end of the earth, and would they be worth your time?” There’s a pessimism to this EP that’s delivered with a shrug and a wry smile, like sharing dark humour with a friend rather than forming an oppressive gloom. Closing with ‘Rattle Your Cage’, it’s clear how much promise there is here, with a rawness and energy that sounds how live music feels. ‘Don’t Think About It’ is a treasure of a release, the kind of debut EP that instantly makes you realise you’ve found something special – and if this really is the end of the world, then we’re happy to have this as the soundtrack.


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