Municipal Waste – ‘The Last Rager’

By Louis Kerry

Outlandish American headbangers Municipal Waste are back with their latest EP ‘The Last Rager’; a ten minute lethal dose of some of the fastest thrash metal known to man.

Municipal Waste have been a force for almost 20 years now and it shows in their endearing chemistry together and the complexities of their arrangements. Without overstaying their welcome, the band put together hard as nails and yet effortlessly fun songs in their own over the top style. Mixing the party ethos of Andrew W.K with the take no prisoners speed and aggression of Slayer.

Simple in style and ridiculous in nature, ‘Wave of Death’ is a no-nonsense opener. ‘Car-Nivore’ lyrically matches the spirit of their 100 miles an hour thrash metal approach. Featuring an incredible solo from lead guitarist Ryan Waste, ‘Rum for your Life’ is an anything goes sprint with technical precision.

Frontman Tony Foresta’s lyrics are bonkers and the band’s lighthearted wit in a sub-genre that takes itself too seriously too often makes ‘The Last Rager’ one of the most fun listens of the year.

Despite their playful lyrics, Municipal Waste deserve to be treated with an abundance of seriousness in the scene, when they can produce some of the best thrash metal going in ‘The Last Rager’. The same vibe as their ‘Art of Partying’ album, this EP is a reminder that no band is faster or more ridiculous than Municipal Waste. That is worth another rager surely?

Louis Kerry

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