King Nun – ‘I Have Love’

By Andy Joice

There’s a certain sort of sound that permeates from specific record labels. From Fat Wreck, it’s that classic 90s skate punk sound. From Holy Roar, you’ve got a plethora of well-established hardcore bands. And while there may not be one specific genre from Dirty Hit – the home of Wolf Alice, The 1975, and Pale Waves – one thing is for sure. They know how to make a talented young band fully marketable, without sacrificing their inventiveness or charm.

Take King Nun, for example – the London quartet have released their long anticipated debut EP ‘I Have Love’ before embarking on a nationwide tour. Brimming with talent, they’re a young band that’ll surely have their eyes set on breaking into the big time – and judging from ‘I Have Love’, it isn’t too difficult to imagine they’ll be there sooner than later.

Opening with the hard hitting ‘Heavenly She Comes’, guitarist and vocalist Theo Polyzoides varies between  strained screaming and blissfully soulful in the blink of an eye. Almost working as a callback to their previous singles, it’s frenetic, scratchy and excessively overdriven. With a borderline grunge sound, it’s the explosive start every record needs.

Probably the most commercially viable and certainly the most poppy, ‘Family Portrait’ is, quite obviously, an ode to sticking with your family, regardless of all the shit sprayed around you. Surprisingly tender, it’s at this point in the EP that the frenetic screaming stops and it all becomes much more melodic. Supported by Caius Stockley-Young’s rolling drums, it’s perfectly paced to portray the home life content, coupled by Nathan Gane’s subtly melodic bass line.

While the earlier tracks may seem passive aggressive and angsty, ‘Greasy Hotel’ is a particularly relevant song. Written about the current ‘trend’ for women being abused at shows, and specifically a groping incident that may have occurred at one of their own shows, it’s a shout out and calling to all women – letting them know King Nun stand with you, have your back and will look after you. Decidedly more folky, there’s a touch of Echo & the Bunnymen that resonates throughout.

Following the slower ‘Greasy Hotel’, the final track and album namesake ‘I Have Love’ maintains the tempo of the previous track. With the catchiest chorus on the record it’s a dreamy, personal song, filled with innovative allusions to successful or rather, unsuccessful love.

While the EP might clock in at less than 15 minutes, this is definitely a case of quality over quantity. It’s just enough to whet the appetite and leave you itching for more.


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