Infraktor – ‘Exhaust’

By Jessica Howkins

Portuguese thrashers Infraktor hope to put themselves on the map with their debut release, ‘Exhaust’. Having been written over a period of four years, this long anticipated record’s extensive planning time should afford a well-crafted thrash album to kick up a fuss.

One noticeable thing when ‘Exhaust’ bursts into play is the death metal influence; something that goes hand in hand with thrash but is not always pulled off. Infraktor have found a balance that’s almost on point with the right amount of harshness around the edges. Despite such a well-balanced blend of death and thrash metal, at points it feels a little forced.

There are many times when the album makes you want to unleash hell; it’s loud, angry and fast. All those components come with the genre, but it does feel like the album is speeding off before you’ve caught up with it. One minute you’re a couple of tracks in and the next you’re near the end in the blink of an eye, not knowing how you got there.

It’s not that ‘Exhaust’ is a bad album, quite the opposite in fact, but there’s nothing that stands out. It’s a mature album with a crisp sound, the four years of writing didn’t go to waste, but it doesn’t have that oomph. Thrash metal is usually furious and exciting, and this album is just furious. It feels as though Infraktor spent so much time getting it well written that they lost the spark to make it pop.

For a debut, it’s an outstanding effort, and will secure the band as real contenders in the thrash scene, but it needs to be a bit more laid back. Infraktor don’t need to fine-tune their sound, when they have smashed it on the head, just work in some more character. With more personality, they’re a band that could be climbing to the top with the legends in no time.


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