Huxtable – ‘Change Shape Future’

By Kathryn Black

Make sure your headphones aren’t turned up too loud when you press play on ‘Don’t Do Anything Fancy’; it’s a loud one. With arena-filling power, solid riffs, and the combination of classic rock vocals and angrier growls, the short track packs a punch. ‘Super Toxic’, relying on loud drums for its opener, upholds the energy. It’s almost too fast and too frantic to be able to get properly stuck into, but the moments vocalist Jordan Yates’ strong tone powers through the noise are impressive.

The Ayrshire two-piece have certainly mastered their craft and established their identity. Once you’ve heard a couple of tracks, another is instantly recognisable. ‘You Got It To Go’ is a grungier sounding Biffy Clyro, a heavier Twin Atlantic. The comparison isn’t because they share a home country, but it’s the ferocity in their unabashed style of rock music where the similarities lie. It’s a hell of a noise for two people to create – one capable of making an impact.

‘Break It Hard’ and ‘Act Of War’ are more of the same; intense and dominating, there isn’t a moment for breath. It’s the sort of music we listened to in the early noughties. Nothing fancy, it’s just proper, good old British rock.

Five tracks is plenty when they come with this level of intensity, and when it comes to creating music made for massive venues, Huxtable give Royal Blood a run for their money. Another example of Scotland’s noisy, shameless talent, this duo need a hell of a lot more recognition.


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