Heavy Rapids – ‘Cash In Hand’

By Andy Joice

There’s been a bit of a resurgence in post-hardcore punk recently. Bands like Idles, Metz, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – and Glasgow’s Heavy Rapids are a band who appear to be benefiting from the rise of such bands. That hard hitting, grizzly punk sound has become more accepted in general radio airplay and it’s entirely possible that Heavy Rapids could get in with that crowd as well.

With the release of their debut EP ‘Cash In Hand’, Heavy Rapids are looking to propel themselves. Punchy, energetic and absolutely venomous, single ‘Paisley Pattern’ is a stunning example of what they can do. While it channels an 80s hardcore punk vibe akin to Adolescents, it lands with a cleaner, more melodic sound. Based on the town guitarist Jamie Crawford grew up in, the jagged and abrasive track matches the town’s description as “the place with the highest murder rate in the country”. It’s menacing and maniacal, yet encompasses some delicate melodies that reflect the gentler aspects of suburban town living.

While ‘Going Down’ and ‘Infected Nightmares (Frankenstein)’ both incorporate a rapid tempo and the snarky, snotty vocals of Dillion Squire, ‘Hurricane E’ is a much gentler jaunt. The only song not released as a single, it’s a definitively more refined number, containing a fantastically catchy hook. With a minimalist riff at the back end of the track, it’s quietly melodious but fits in nicely alongside the rest of the EP. It’s a showing of what Heavy Rapids are capable of – it’s not all about beating the shit out their instruments, and is a sign they’re trying to find their sound, but it’s a welcome moment of respite.

Though it may only clock in at 11 minutes, ‘Cash In Hand’ packs a wallop. Short, sharp, and an almighty kick to the groin, it’s a great debut EP and an excellent foray into a sound that’s going from strength to strength. Heavy Rapids are sure to grow from this EP and become a staple in the genre.


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