Funeral Shakes – ‘Funeral Shakes’

By Christopher Lee

Watford based newcomers Funeral Shakes bop, jitterbug and swing their way onto the scene with this, their self titled debut album.

From start to finish it’s a delightfully pessimistic take on the traditional. Forget love songs and think more anti-love. The almost 50’s sound has a way of bringing out your dancing shoes and is reminiscent of greats such as The Beatles, if they’d been formed in the current generation. Dare we even say it they could even be compared to the late, great Elvis Presley!

’Funeral Shakes’ is 40 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun while still managing to make you feel like it’s ok to never be in love or always be the broken hearted one in your social circle. Tracks like ‘Gin Palace’ and ‘You’re So Bad’ transport you straight into a High School dance from one of a thousand Hollywood movies you’ve seen. Whilst on the other hand the faster paced numbers like ‘Circles’ add an almost punk twist to the record.

One thing’s for sure, the band may not have had the best of luck with their love lives but they’ve certainly poured their hearts and souls into this new project. As well as expert craftsmanship, huge choruses are the tip of the iceberg to an album full of huge hooks, relentless riffs and downright beautiful harmonies.

They may not have been around for very long but Funeral Shakes are making huge waves, not only here at Punktastic HQ but soon to be up and down the country with an early entry for album of the year. Long live the Funeral Shakes!

Christopher Lee


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