Frank Turner – ‘Don’t Worry’

By Gem Rogers

There’s nothing that says “massive arena tour” quite like a surprise EP drop, right? Alright, so it may not be the standard way to celebrate, but Frank Turner has always forged his own path as an artist, and the release of the ‘Don’t Worry’ EP as he embarks on his UK tour is a lovely way to fill in the gap between last year’s ‘Be More Kind’ and, well, whatever he releases next.

With only one of the four tracks being wholly new, fans shouldn’t expect anything too huge, but that’s definitely not to say it’s not worth the listen – quite the opposite. The EP kicks off with the quintessentially Frank Turner-style of the eponymous ‘Don’t Worry’; uplifting and brimming with hope, it’s one of the strongest songs on ‘Be More Kind’, and certainly one that will be heard on the current tour (and probably most future tours, too). New track ‘Bar Staff’ then saunters in with an American rock ‘n’ roll swagger and a joyful brass band, accompanied by some very British lyrics dedicated to the unsung heroes of late night drinking. Is it groundbreaking music? Absolutely not – but it’s bloody good fun.

Third track ‘How It Began’ is not technically new, though as a previously vinyl-only gem, it’s likely still fresh to the ears of many. An almost lullaby-esque love song, it’s classic singer-songwriter fare taken to the next level by Turner’s knack for rich, honest storytelling and a dash of strings. The EP is rounded out by a superb reworking of single ‘Little Changes’ – Turner’s confident demonstration of his ability to do pop as well as the best of the top 40 – with soulful backing from Choir! Choir! Choir!.

For those lucky enough to be catching Frank on tour, this last minute release should be enough to whet the appetite and build a little excitement – and for those who aren’t… Consider it a consolation prize. Quite a good one, at that.


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