Everyone and Anyone – ‘A Page from a Journal’

By Adam Graver

Since forming in 2014, Rhyl band Everyone and Anyone have been trying to find a pop punk formula that both energises and entertains but at its core is believable and emotional. Such is the way that pop punk in the UK is leaning, with acts like The Gospel Youth recently perfecting this style, Everyone and Anyone offer an alternative style on sophomore EP, ‘A Page From a Journal.’

Touring with high profile artists has had an influence on the sound of the new release. Opener, ‘Yearbook’ sounds like it could be a B-side to any track from the recent WSTR record and is a strong start to the EP. There is a distinct rawness to lead singer Rob’s vocals that is not often heard in pop punk which is refreshing to hear.

Lead single ‘Coffee and Contemplation’ has moments of brilliance running throughout and it takes until you almost reach its conclusion to realise this band could be the one to revitalise the UK pop punk scene. It could well be a track that drives a resurgence within the genre.

‘A Page from a Journal’ takes several listens to understand why it has been recorded and included in the EP. There are no redeeming features, nor much melody or rhythm. When you take a step back though, and listen to the lyrics, hear the emotion and heartfelt sincerity, it’s clear the band have a depth that is severely lacking on the UK pop punk scene right now. It’s also special that listening to each of the tracks on the EP, at no point do the band sound American. Everyone and Anyone, to their credit, are moulding their sound in a way many don’t attempt. They don’t sound like As It Is, or All Time Low, they sound like an old fashioned British rock band with US guitar kicks and bass mixed in.

The EP is one that should be celebrated. It’s a breath of fresh air for the UK pop punk industry and will leave fans wanting to hear a full length release in the near future.


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