Earth Caller – ‘Crystal Death’

By Jessica Howkins

Australian band Earth Caller shot down the fast lane in their early career; their first album ‘Degenerate’ made a mark in hardcore. Soon after, the band imploded with front man Josh Collard being the last man standing. Armed with a new line-up, ‘Crystal Death’ has arrived.

‘Pipe Dreams’ introduces the album with a punch. Collard’s vocals have improved, they feel rawer, you can connect with him better and his hip-hop style keeps things flowing. ‘Sucka’ and ‘May 16’ are prime examples of the growth in his style.

There’s a lovely balance in ‘Crystal Death’. Aggressive riffs and barking vocals hit hard, but the melodies capture a myriad of emotions. It’s an angry pain that this album makes you feel, you want to punch things, you want to cry.

Despite the positives, at points the album shows definite flaws. ‘Ghost’, with its orchestral elements, doesn’t fit the way it was intended and though small details have been put into the mix, they perhaps should have been left out, because Earth Caller are at their best when they’re at their rawest.  

Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad on ‘Crystal Death’. This album sticks with you, it makes you feel. When it falls flat, it’s not for long, as the aggression rips back in. For a sophomore effort, after having the odds stacked against them, the album shows outstanding growth and maturity and is a definite step in the right direction.


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