Don Broco – ‘Priorities’

By Chris Marshman

Ever since they put out the title track from ‘Priorities’ as a single, the hype machine for Don Broco has gone into overdrive. There’s an awful amount of expectation on the bands shoulders for ‘Priorities’ to be brilliant, and thankfully what Don Broco have come up with here is just that.

Opening up the album is that previously mentioned title track, and for the benefit of those who haven’t heard it, it’s a pretty good song that’s saved by a big chorus. After listening to the rest of the album however, it becomes clear that there are a few more songs that would have been better suited to being a lead single. Up next is ‘Hold On’, which is a pretty pedestrian effort given the quality of what’s to come.

So, let’s get one thing straight, everything from the fourth track (‘Here’s The Thing’) onwards is brilliant. ‘Whole Truth’ has an intro reminiscent of a certain song by Third Eye Blind and with any justice this will be the song that “makes” Don Broco. It’s the biggest potential single on the album, with frontman Rob Damiani turning down the distinctive swagger in his voice to the benefit of the overall quality to the song. If you’re a fan of a big chorus, then look no further than “Fancy Dress” – a rampant number that’ll have you reaching for the repeat button.

Going into the final run of songs, the pace doesn’t really let up at all – ‘Back In The Day’ is another potential single with a big chorus with some falsetto vocals being used to good effect, although the outro is what makes it. While ‘You Got it Girl’ is a moody, winding track that showcases another side to the band, wrapping up the album is the best song on the whole thing. ‘Actors’ is an absolute monolith of a song (despite the silly lyrics about taking biscuits), it’s absolutely huge and finishes the album off on the bang that it deserves to go out on.

All in all, Don Broco have released an absolutely brilliant debut album, and with things going the way they are, they’ll be absolutely everywhere before the year is out. It really is shaping up to be #yearofthebroco.


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