Don Broco – Big Fat Smile

By Tom Aylott

First and foremost, despite DON BROCO‘s Nu Metal opus ‘Thug Workout’ being a contender for the greatest music video ever, stylistic evolution is important to keep a band together, and it was obviously time to change up for Don Broco. The adjustment to something a little more “serious” may not sit too well with a few (the odd Youtube comments on recent videos being indicative of that, and well, trolling), but it simply doesn’t matter because ‘Big Fat Smile’ is a six strong chunk of win.

It’s balls out rock, plain and simple – between harmony stacked choruses and meandering instrumental work, there’s really something here for most in possession of a decent set of ears.

Of those tracks unrealised in music video form, the binge booze cautionary tale ‘Metalface’ is the strongest, but it’s current single ‘Beautiful Morning’ that really marks the calibre of the the release.

Don Broco occupy a fairly small genre niche, and the only band that really comes to mind is recent Hassle Records signing Blitz Kids. Both take a mathy approach to the alt-rock ‘thing’, and both have a knack for an infectious melody.

It’s bands like these pushing creativity and fresh approaches that make the UK scene so exciting, and if Don Broco continue in the way that they are, there’s no reason that ‘Big Fat Smile’ won’t give them a well deserved lift.


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