Dayseeker – ‘Sleeptalk’

By Dave Stewart

Sometimes it takes a while for a band to write the record that defines them. Some bands get it right from the off, finding their feet right and instantly developing a passionate following. Some continuously redefine themselves throughout their careers, amassing a loyal and devoted fan-base that sticks by them no matter what. Other bands release solid record after solid record as they hover in the background, all of a sudden releasing something truly special that has the power and potential to elevate them to another level entirely. The latter is what has happened to Dayseeker, and ‘Sleeptalk’ is the record that is going to transform their career.

Album opener ‘Drunk’ is simply breathtaking, kicking off proceedings in the most powerful way possible. Emotional intensity and raw honesty bursts from every single note, surging through your body and commanding every hair on your body to stand on end. They grab your attention at the earliest moment and continue to tighten their grip with ‘Crooked Soul’, pulling you deeper into their control as they mesmerise you with crushing riffs and haunting vocal melodies. These first two tracks set up the entire record, setting the scene and showcasing the balance between savage heaviness and gorgeous serenity.

The devastating, crushing moments of this record are incredible. ‘The Color Black’ sees the band channeling Architects as they thunder through bouncy riffs and neck-snapping chugs, all the while reaching skyward with infectious vocal melodies. ‘Gates Of Ivory’ plays a similar game, jumping from spine tingling choruses to spine crushing breakdowns without breaking a sweat. The heaviness is great, but this record is at its best when it’s wooing you with its seductive melodies and epic soundscapes.

Title track ‘Sleeptalk’ has the potential to be a radio smash. Seriously. R’n’B vibes ooze out of every pore, singing directly to your heart and tugging on its strings with earnest lyrics and an immediately memorable delivery. ‘Burial Plot’ is a potent dose of the same, moodily floating through hypnotic verses before erupting into a gigantic chorus. There’s a passionate ballad in ‘Already Numb’, an 80s tinged groove-fest in ‘Starving To Be Empty’, an emotional rollercoaster in ‘Crash And Burn’ – this record has everything, and it’s all delivered with an undeniable mastery and fluidity.

Dayseeker have always been a force to be reckoned with – they’ve spent many years touring all over the world and forcing their brand of metalcore down the throats of anyone that would listen. This sees them approach things in a slightly different way, though. They’ve dug a little deeper, thought a little harder, and they’ve found something that not every band manages to find – they’ve found themselves. They’ve found their identity, and ‘Sleeptalk’ holds it up high for everyone to see.

This record is truly addictive. After the first listen you’ll find yourself completely enveloped by it, your mind holding on to every spell-binding moment as you float in its enchanting waters. The guitars are clear and powerful, the drums are tasteful yet menacing, but the vocals are something else. Front man Rory Rodriguez puts on a display that is nothing short of spectacular, able to lace his vocals with so much passion that you don’t just hear it – you feel it.

‘Sleeptalk’ delivers blow after devastating blow as it effortlessly combines soaring harmonious glory with moments of unrelenting heaviness, shifting and evolving from hypnotic siren to feral beast with little to no warning. It’s a beautiful record shrouded in darkness, occasionally adjusting its veil to allow just enough light to shine through and glisten on the diamond hidden beneath it. If Dayseeker isn’t a name that you’re familiar with, this record is going to change that. Say hello to your new favourite metalcore band.


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