Consumed – Hit For Six

By paul

Is it just me, or does anybody else find it funny that a band from Nottingham, England, can be on sunny pop-punk label Fat Wreck Chords? But can this English foursome use their American label to help crack the punk market?

Consumed‘s sound heavily borrows from a variety of their label mates (and their mates.) Opener ‘Sunnyside Up’ is fast and frenetic, like Strung Out at their best, ‘Wake Up With A Smile’ is superb, with NOFX style guitar work, and ‘Something To Do’ is a cross between Pennywise and early Ten Foot Pole. But this is perhaps their problem. Consumed don’t possess a sound, they just amalgamate a number of bands and take the best bits from each.

Their best song is probably ‘Twat Called Maurice.’ OK, it is the most instant track on the album, aided by some superb drumming (the drumming is amazing throughout.) It’s difficult not to sing along.

Of course there are some complete duffers on this CD. ‘King Kong Song’ not only has a terrible name, but is bland and ‘Nicky Fry’ is complete crap; its “say it to my face,” refrain is just plain nasty.

But sorry boys, it’s just vocalists Steve’s sound. It’s too, well, British and it just doesn’t work. Musically, Consumed hit the spot, but vocally they don’t. It’s not that he can’t sing, it just doesn’t sound right. It grates right through me to be perfectly honest. It’s a really ghastly Cockney style vocal. Just listen to ‘Nicky Fry.’ It’s fucking horrible!

This is a real shame because Consumed have plenty going for them, just please, please, somebody de-cockneyify the vocalist. Then Consumed may well start to gobble up the competition.

Paul Savage

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