Brightr – ‘Year One’

By Jess Tagliani

Self-described as gloomy emo-pop, Eastbourne’s Brightr takes inspiration from some pretty great acts; think a mix of Into It. Over It., Motion City Soundtrack and Jack’s Mannequin and you’re about there. After stints in numerous bands, Laurie, the great mind behind Brightr, is now venturing out into the world on his own with his debut album ‘Year One’.

Tracks such as ‘Sleight of Hand’ and ‘Alright, Okay’ displays Brightr’s rich, autumnal tones, as his lyrics tumble over a flurry of strong, quick guitar work. His vocals are the real diamond here, they’re captivating and huge yet gently lilt during songs like ‘Lanterns’. Throughout the course of this album, Brightr constantly displays a sublime beauty, from the gently picking of his guitar to his mighty vocals. ‘Clearly More Ruined than Rome’ and ‘Sleeping For the Week’ simply soar and are absolute delights to listen to.

His lyrics are hopefully optimistic. During ‘We’, lines such as “We are the ones who always try to do our best” display a sweet sense of hope that’ll get people singing along at his shows with a drink in one hand and their best friend/lover/pet cat in the other. And then you have ‘Incredible Pens’, which is a stunning and haunting close to this album. After five minutes of silence, Laurie’s voice breaks through, as strong and unwavering as it’s been throughout the course of this album.

Brightr’s drawn on personal and emotive experiences to bring an album that’s personable and friendly. Sure, he’s singing about some not-so-great things, but he’s got a wonderful sense of optimism that everything will turn out okay in the end. We need more people like Brightr roaming the music world.


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