All Ears Avow – ‘Skin & Bones’

By Eloise Bulmer

Only two EPs in, All Ears Avow were already well on their way to creating stadium-filling rock music. Their most recent EP ‘Skin & Bones’ makes this a concrete statement, with wall-to-wall funky riffs and pop-hooks that will be winding around your ears for a long time.

That’s not to say they’ve gone down a pop-heavy route and left the grit behind. All Ears Avow are definitely still a rock band on this release – just a rock band who know how to write a hook. At only five tracks long, their decision to go short and sweet definitely pays off. Opener and title-track ‘Skin & Bones’ kicks things off with a dynamic start, immediately bringing in a crunchy riff that’s wound up a few times before pulling back for a moody verse, showcasing their knack for playing with dark and light on record.

The highlight of this release is undoubtedly single ‘All Your Pieces’, which shudders along over muted guitar chords before erupting into a hands-in-the-air, sing-your-heart-out chorus. This is the band at their best, showing off everything in their arsenal with stunning results, and is the kind of track that could take them to the next level within the alt-rock world. It’s almost a shame this EP has been released at the tail-end of 2018 as all the end of the year lists are being written, though it’s sure to warrant a lot of momentum to carry the band into 2019 with.

Only five years into their career, All Ears Avow are producing work that could be attributed to a band much further along in their trajectory, and it won’t be surprising to see them becoming bigger contenders in the rock world as their catalogue builds. If this is their starting point, it will only be a joy to follow their journey from here.


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