By James Brown

We have the best readers in the world.

If you really want to get noticed, then you can use one of the three advertising spaces around the site. There’s the big leaderboard at the top of every page next to our logo, and the two large rectangles (a ‘half-page and an ‘mpu’) in the sidebar. Each of them costs the same, so it’s your choice.


We use a tenancy model for the pricing, which means you pay for the amount of time you want to own an advert space. 

For £300/week, the ad space is exclusively yours 100% of the time, to put whatever you like in it. We can rotate different adverts if you like, or you can show one thing all the time.

For £150/week, it’s yours 50% of the time. The rest of the time, it will either be blank or showing another advert.

A two-week 50% tenancy is our most popular booking, but just let us know if you’ve got a budget / time-scale in mind – we can be very flexible.

The real value of a Punktastic advert or sponsorship is our amazing, great-looking readers. Our audience of 50,000 music fans read a quarter of a million pages on our site every month. These fantastic young men and women are some of the few people in the UK still willing to spend their money encouraging their favourite organisations and artists.

All our adverts come with a news post (if it’s relevant to our readers) as well as posts to our 25-30,000 followers on social media. We also have 6,000 YouTube subscribers if you’d like to run some video too.


Go ahead – send an email to James now and we’ll get something sorted.